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W.L. & Dee Mooring


We thank all of our clients, old and new, for their enthusiastic support of this industry and their continuing trust and faith in Double LL Farms. Dee and I love what we do and we simply could not do it without great clients, incredible stallions, stellar mares, and more than just a little luck. We are blessed and humbled by the miracles we witness every day, thank you for sharing your dreams with us. - W.L. and Dee

The South Farm


At the South Farm located off Hwy 346, breeding and foaling are the primary duties. Here you will find fields of mares and foals bouncing and playing while enjoying New Mexico's excellent weather and delicious alfalfa. Our world class stallions are also located here, with facilities tailored for efficient breeding services. Along with our two veterinary labs and our recipient mare herd, no matter where in the world our clients are, we can provide them with options. In addition to a full farm crew, Double LL Farms has a resident veterinarian, medical crew, and foaling crew that provide care and service 24 hours a day.

The North Farm


Sale Prep is our specialty at the North Farm. Our large indoor stalls are welcoming and safe, with temperatures kept comfortable and an attendant always on hand. In any given year, Double LL Farms will market hundreds of yearlings, mares, and racehorses at all of the major sales.

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Double LL Farms

PO Box 40, Bosque, NM 87006

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